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Welcome to the Philosophy of Snakes Wikia[]

A breakdown of A-Level Philosophy Knowledge, found in a pit of Snakes. So, this is a massive work in progress; don't be surprised if you bump into a fragmented page, or in a really rare case, maybe just a title. Eventually, the goal is to get everything done and then maybe follow it up with a glossary, but that might not be necessary.

They're more like guidelines, Ms. Turner[]

Students can break down the topics to an easy to review fashion perfect for revising. All usernames must be the word Snake, followed by your initials.

All content must be your own, no lifting passages directly from books without attributing them in quote form to the author, lets not let get done for copyright just for revising.


Featured Content:[]

Virtue Ethics

Pages that need work: (take them off the list when you're finished)[]

If you want to chip in, but either don't know which article you'd like to write or just have a correctionist drive then this is the list for you! They could be in need of just a few lines of text, the addition of new content or maybe a picture to spruce it up, or it may be a re-write/some critical editing. In each case refer to your own discretion:

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